The accounting firm Vinoelst was founded in 1945 by Henri Vinoelst and is currently its third generation.

The firm currently has 250 or so clients, mainly SME's and multinational companies with an office in Belgium. 

The office consists of an ethousiastic team consisting of a company accountant, tax consultant, a member of the IAB and 10 employees, including an accountant, tax consultant and a certified accountant IAB-tax BIBF.

All employees have their own specific training and form a team whose members are activated at the appropriate time of the activities in which they excel.  

We specialize in "outsourcing" of the client's file. The file is from A to Z (administration, billing, accounts receivable tracking, accounting, taxation, reporting, ...). More and more SME's seem to be interested in this process, we anticipate many years now.

Clients can consult their file on our website or their own accounts in our system run via Terminal Server Application.

Geographical spread out over the field Antwerp, Brussels and the Netherlands. The office is located in the center of Antwerp and is a good base for our clientele.

Our services are supported by close partnership with several social security offices, Auditors and tax lawyers.

 Here's an overview of our employees.